In 1997, Dartmouth resident Paul Brunelle donated a magnificent collection of cacti and other succulents to Dalhousie University. It is the largest collection in Atlantic Canada. Paul also contributed several hundred of his best photos and a large collection of books, papers and journals on cacti.

This site was developed in 1999 by student Aprile Schwartz and Professor David Patriquin, with the collaboration of Carman Mills (Greenhouse Manager), and Anne Mills (Instructor in Biology), as a tribute to this generous contribution, and to provide a learning resource for our students and the general public. Please view About Paul Brunelle.

Paul has since contributed to the site a number of essays about cacti and other succulents and comments on his experience in growing and photographing them. In 2004, he contributed photographs of over 300 species and topical descriptions of these plants that he had grown, brought to flower and photographed over the years. Please see:

These pages were maintained as part of the Dalhousie University Biology Department website until 2012. Unfortunately, Paul Brunelle's Image Database was erased when they moved to a new server. - David Patriquin, 15 Dec. 2014

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